2018-06-20 / Loose Ends

Lost and found

Searching for the bug stuff
Loose Ends by SUSAN NIENOW

Today my other half found my watering pitcher. It has been missing for several days, and I must admit that I didn’t look very hard. I knew it would turn up. It is a special pitcher in that it is just large enough for me to handle when it is full of water and has a spout. It is plastic so I don’t have to worry about chipping it or chipping something else with a metal watering can.

Because it is about 10 inches tall, it is hard to lose except I carry it around with me. It could have been behind the backyard garden where I watered the annuals in those little packs. I still haven’t planted them, but whatever is still alive when I get around to it will be put in the ground.

The problem is partly motivation but partly because I know when I put them in the ground the drought will begin, and I will be hauling hoses. It is inevitable. I won’t lose the hoses, though – if I leave them out my other half will inadvertently run over them with the mower and turn them into chips like mulch.

The pitcher could have been in the garage in my garden wagon or on the front porch where I was watering pots.

If I had the time I have spent looking for things, I could knit the entire population of dogs in the county sweaters for winter – if I knew how to knit. I do have a few tricks; I don’t spend much time looking for my car keys. I always put them in my purse. Except on the rare occasion when I put them in a jacket pocket. So what this means is that I am frequently looking for my purse. At least it’s bigger than a set of keys.

Another thing I am always looking for is my bug stuff. You know, the anti-itch roll-on stick. I have several. I have one for my garden wagon, one for the bed table because there is no itch like the one that wakes me up in the middle of the night and one in my purse. Having multiples just guarantees losing all of them.

There isn’t a stick in the bathroom so I borrow the one from the bed table when I get a bite on my back and need the mirror to find it. Then I take the one out of my purse and use it in the car for a bite on my leg. I drop it and it rolls under the seat where it stays until I lose something else under the seat. I know there’s one in the bathroom. I put that one in my purse until I use it next and leave it – somewhere. The other day I found one with an expiration date of 8/15 in the back of a drawer.

That’s just an example of creative misplacing. It works with a lot of things I have trouble keeping track of.

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