2018-04-11 / Letters

Megasite is a looming ‘disaster’

It is human nature, when hearing of a disaster, to think “I’m so glad that isn’t happening to me and my family.” Well, citizens of Chesterfield, there is a potential disaster looming over all of our heads, even though you might think it’s not in your backyard. The proposed Matoaca Megasite in the Bermuda District is just such a case.

Matoaca residents may think they don’t have to worry because while the megasite proposal is named for their district, the property in question is not really in Matoaca. However, what many don’t realize is that the proposed East-West Freeway, connecting the megasite property to Interstate 95, will indeed affect their area. This major road will open up their idyllic quiet country life to future development. Given the county’s road development history, this freeway will rival that of the gnarled messes of Hull Street Road and Midlothian Turnpike.

Residents of the Dale, Clover Hill and Midlothian districts will not be spared. The costs of this boondoggle will run well over a hundred million dollars, at the very least. Money would be better invested in already overburdened infrastructure or marketing the thousands of acres of industrial land the county already has. Think the pristine land near you is too far from infrastructure to be tapped for heavy manufacturing? That’s what I thought, too! Let the county get away with this in 2018, and your district may be next.

Of course, the Bermuda District folks are the ones most directly affected. We stand to lose our country way of life with a huge increase in both vehicle and railroad traffic with this proposed road and industrial development. We are losing homes, property values, a school and a park – not to mention trust in those people we elected to represent us in good faith.

I have a hard time understanding how the county and certain local business groups believe that the mega- site is a good idea. How can they make this decision when the “dream business” is not even identified? The county certainly has not provided reliable answers to our many questions.

Spending millions of our tax dollars for a yet unnamed business opportunity is irresponsible. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Wake up, Chesterfield, this potential disaster is indeed in your backyard!

Amy Cannon

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