2018-03-07 / Loose Ends

Food fads

Life with labels
Susan Nienow

I think the only answer is to move to a remote island with no mail and no TV or internet. I am tired of shopping by labels. I’m not talking about designer labels – I am talking about checking water bottles to be sure they don’t have any “BAPS” in them.

Sorry, I think it is BPAs. It’s hard to keep all of the “Don’t eat this,” and “Avoid that,” advice straight. Last week I read about a new “healthy” diet that excludes all legumes. That’s beans to the non-farmers. And it includes peanuts, peas and things in a pod.

That’s not too hard to follow, but what to do with all the information on eating my veggies and right there is a picture of green beans? Nuts are a problem, too. Pecans and walnuts are good, but almonds aren’t listed. Why? What did they do?

Some reports warn against aluminum. I’m not sure if I have anything made of aluminum. Except for the foil I use to wrap leftovers. Hopefully they’ve decided it isn’t fatal.

Thank goodness I don’t have to do the grocery shopping. My other half does it, and the cooking. I eat what he cooks, which works out for both of us. He does buy organic and antibiotic-free beef because I can’t eat the regular stuff. I am glad there are labels for that. However, I would suggest the manufacturers use print big enough for me to read while wearing my glasses.

Fads – is that what I call trends in medicine like copper bracelets that are supposed to help with arthritis? I forced my toddlers to wear stiff leather high-top shoes because I was told it would ruin their feet if they didn’t have good support while they were growing. The word today is that their developing feet need the freedom to bend and be free. I would like my money back, please.

How do I determine who’s right? I try to be informed, but I’m close to giving up on that idea. There are too many “facts” flying around.

I just read an article on food safety. I learned that organic foods may not have pesticides or fertilizers, but they can have pathogens. And how do I tell that? Are pathogens sparkly or hot pink?

Do the stockers put fresh food on top of old in the salad bar? Did you know sprouts are evil little things – perfect warm, moist spots for those pathogens to grow? OK, so no sprouts on my salad. Make sure soft cheeses are made with pasteurized milk. Got it.

Those warnings are easy. It’s when they get too scientific or can’t decide that I am in trouble. Like the vitamins and minerals. Take extra vitamin C – no, never mind, because it doesn’t prevent colds. Yes, it is good for… but only if you take it with food, but not dairy, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning. What do I take for confusion?

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