2018-03-07 / Letters

Blessed to know Walker

As a former member of Canaan Baptist Church where the Rev. Wyatt Tee Walker pastored for 37 years, I thank you for your wonderful article [“Walking with the King,” Feb. 14] about his life.

Walker served many important roles in my personal life: pastor, father-figure and more. He took me under his wing when I was a young teen. He protected me, taught me much and encouraged my studies. He believed in me.

He chose me to help him establish deacon parishes at the church (still in force), and we worked closely together when he appointed me secretary to the music department at Canaan as he worked on his doctorate in sacred musicology. He remained in close contact with me for four decades.

More broadly, he fought for justice for the betterment of our entire nation.

“Doc” was very strong, very self-confident and, at times, a “handful,” which I say out of love. He didn’t take any mess. But he was passionate about justice, and he worked hard to secure it for all mankind. I will forever remember him for the great love he demonstrated toward me, and the great work he did in service to all.

Melody T. McCloud

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