2018-02-14 / Loose Ends

Dream on

My wishes, a wash
Susan Nienow

Wishing can be a form of daydreaming, or it can take on a life of its own. I am good at keeping it in line, even though several times a day those wishes escape into my consciousness. Just yesterday I had set aside a good chunk of time to clean. My wish was to give the downstairs a once-over cleaning – dust, vacuum and get the webs and spots on the floor.

I started in our bathroom. It is the master bath but not in a grand sense. After a good three hours, I was done in the bathroom and had vacuumed the closet floor. I get stuck when I clean. That very small part of my brain that’s inclined to perfectionism comes out, making me go slightly crazy.

After three hours the tub was scrubbed, the shower tiles cleaned, the floor vacuumed and mopped, mirrors, drawers and linen closet all straightened. I cleaned every surface except the painted wallboard above the tile.

So much for my wish. I sabotaged it. But I have a clean bathroom!

I really wish I had five or six pairs of pants that fit perfectly. The reality is there are 27 pairs of pants and jeans in the closet in three different sizes and varying shapes. That wish could become a reality if I cleaned out my closet.

I would love a warm raisin cinnamon bun for breakfast with coffee, of course. I would enjoy this at the kitchen table while I watched the birds at the feeders. Reality is coffee and maybe yogurt if I have anything. I can smell that cinnamon bun. No calories in that.

The seed catalogs are here, and they really are wish books. Several have fruit and vegetable seeds and plants. That is a waste for me. The strawberries look luscious and the green beans are perfect, not to mention the gorgeous tomatoes. Well, I tried green beans and “someone” ate the plants before they even flowered. Nothing left but stubs. The squirrels loved the strawberries, and as for tomatoes – last year we tried two tomato plants in pots and got five small tomatoes.

I wish I could walk out back and pick some of my fruits and vegetables, but I think we would need to construct a critter-free facility in full sun before we could be successful. So far, no construction volunteers.

Flowers are a different story. They don’t seem to be as hard to grow as vegetables – at least for me. I choose seeds that do better planted in the ground after the last frost date and flowers that reseed after that. Though I wish I could grow peonies like the pictures in the catalog, I don’t. And I have a long list of excuses for why I don’t, beginning with them being planted in the wrong place and very difficult to transplant. I wish I had…

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