2018-02-07 / Loose Ends

Dreary Days

Fie on February

Oh, February! I should be able to come up with something poetic to say about this month, but I’m not a poet, and I can’t think of anything remotely poetic about a cold, dreary month that seems like the longest month of the year, not the shortest.

The high today was about 40 degrees. That’s as cold as I like it. Actually it’s colder, but I don’t like to whine. I have stocked up on sweaters, jackets that will fit under coats, scarves that go under, around and through whatever I am wearing, hats and gloves. I don’t like to be cold.

I have several different sizes of blankets for the bed, as my other half is usually hot, and I’m the opposite. One I use single ply, another is doubled up and a third goes on my feet for a whopping eight layers. I put throws in every room that has a chair or a bed so visitors have access and so do I if I have a sudden need.

I start adding layers of clothing once the temperature dips below 50 degrees. The back seat of my car looks like a used clothing shop. I keep extra scarves, gloves and an extra winter coat back there for an emergency case of goose bumps. Contrary to something I read on the internet, shivering does not result in weight loss.

Patience is not one of my strong suits. I like long days of sunshine and am far less fond of short cloudy days, but I try to accomplish something in February that I won’t do once the weather turns warmer. My other half is waiting for me to say I am recovered enough from hip replacement surgery to paint.

That is walls, not canvases. Our bedroom needs it and so does my office. I do the cutting in around the trim, and he paints the walls with the roller. This is as close as we ever come to working together. We can both rake leaves but only if one is in the front yard and the other in the back.

The problem is that we don’t work the same way. I am right-brained and my other half is left-brained. He thinks in straight lines and I think in squiggles. We are both happy with our differences, and learned on our first attempt at wallpapering that our marriage shouldn’t include more opportunities for divorce.

I am thinking the end of February for the painting since we have some road trips scheduled for after that, and as soon as the weather turns I head outside to garden. Also on my “I hate February” list is writing a “Merry Spring” letter since I haven’t sent Christmas cards for the past two years. A friend who lives in North Carolina called to see if we were alive and well.

I do have a dream job in February – deciding which seeds to order and if I want to plant any fall blooming bulbs. Mostly I flip through the catalogs and dream.

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