2018-01-10 / Loose Ends

Pillow talk

And all that fluff
Susan Nienow

What’s in a pillow? Just think how many pillows I have known in my life. They come in two categories – pillows I love and those I can’t wait to get rid of.

Think of the doughnut pillow used after childbirth and when suffering hemorrhoids.

I think I remember borrowing one and then returning it when it was no longer necessary, but just barely. I may have blocked out that experience.

After that, couch cushions became walls for forts for the toddler-plus crew and TV pillows for the eternally tired teens. Take it from me, you can forget about decorator pillows until the kids move out. Otherwise those color-matched pillows are liable to be “borrowed” for a campout or first-aid practice on “bleeding” victims.

But, if you have to have them, just give them to the kids when they leave home and buy new ones.

When I was finally free to be an adult, I bought new bed pillows and learned they aren’t supposed to last forever, and I should have done that years ago. I like a medium fluff pillow that holds its own. None of this head in the middle, pillow covering ears and part of my face on either side.

And forget the feathers. Give me one of those hypoallergenic ones. If there are duck feathers around me, I want to be able to pet the duck.

Recently we searched the house for a pillow of just the right thickness to put in the passenger seat of the car. None of them worked. Now we are reduced to folding a towel. What was so comfortable several weeks ago now pushes on all the wrong spots for someone recovering from hip replacement surgery.

At last count I had seven pillows beside my bed and three on the bed. They give me comfort that I will be able to find just the right one to feel comfortable sleeping, since I can only sleep on one side or my back while in recovery.

On my side, I am supposed to have a pillow between my knees keeping my hips aligned. The hospital gifted me with a classic two-foot-long, bone-shaped pillow. It works. Someone must have trial tested it.

Then I have pillows to put under my knees when I am sleeping on my back. And, in case I get bored, I have all those pillows on the floor I can arrange to get more comfortable.

My exercises are done in the guest room with all the pillows in there. It is really a good thing someone invented the decorator sham so I could use the ones on the guest bed to prop up my feet. I never would have made it through this recovery without the 17 pillows we rounded up to construct exercise props.

I will spend the next month washing pillow covers and trying to remember which pillow goes where.

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