2016-12-21 / Loose Ends

That’s a wrap

Flying under Santa’s radar
Susan Nienow

To Christmas sweater or not? I say no. I don’t have anything against them except that I’ve never felt comfortable in one. It comes from a desire for anonymity. Today I wore a plain colored sweater and black vest to a meeting. Granted, there weren’t many holiday sweaters, but lots of women wore red and many had sparkly or holiday jewelry.

I am not a Scrooge. I wore jewelry. It just didn’t sparkle. I find that I am most comfortable flying under the radar. It’s not always possible though; I attracted a lot of attention in my black vest.

Driving this time of year is a challenge. People are distracted and some are in a hurry. Some should be required to retake their driving tests. They forget things like signaling for turns, not turning left from the far right lane and other charming maneuvers. A simple wave signaling, “Yeah, I did something stupid. Please forgive me,” goes a long way. At least, I hope so. I had to use that signal yesterday myself.

It takes a strong constitution to enter a traffic circle with multiple entrances and exits, especially at this time of year. I can’t do this if I have been drinking anything caffeinated. I could get stuck whizzing around for hours waiting to recognize my exit.

I am trying to use up the Christmas wrap I have been collecting for years. It’s like beads, note paper and fabric. If it’s pretty, I want it – but it must also be a bargain.

My kids are interested in things like the best bike carrier for their car, and a purse that doubles as a briefcase, computer bag, overnight bag and a carrier for the usual items found in a purse. Go for it, I say. I can’t pick out either of their wishes so they will get checks without wrapping paper.

We went creative for the granddaughters and bought them quilts. These are specifically for tents, forts, picnics on the patio and whatever else they choose to do with them other than put them on their beds. I consider those necessary items for fantasy play – then getting the bedspread dirty is not an issue.

The quilts are an iffy choice. The girls will either use them a lot or stuff them in the closet never to be seen again. But, they live out west so we won’t know!

My other half and I used to surprise each other. Do I need to say that didn’t work very well and after a few birthdays and Christmases we gave up on that idea? Turns out my other half would rather get tools than new shirts. Go figure.

Now, usually one or both of us buys something in the second half of the year and declares Christmas is taken care of.

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