2013-01-30 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

One job begets another
Susan Nienow

I forget who said that first – someone famous, I’m sure. We noticed that the backing on the jute carpet in my other half’s office has disintegrated. Not only was it going “crunch, crunch” when we walked on it, some of the backing has stuck to the floors.

That floor has now been vacuumed, swept, scrubbed dry, scrubbed wet, scraped with a knife, and there is still stuff stuck to it. When Goo Gone fails, we have a problem. My other half has taken it on as a personal challenge. My answer is to try a few remedies and then pick up the phone.

That jute carpet should have come with a warning. We have a new carpet but want the floor in the best shape possible before we put it down. So what should have been a simple take-up-the-old and put-down-the-new has now turned into a major project.

This is exactly why I hate to get down on my hands and knees anywhere in the house. I see more than I want to see. Yesterday what started as picking up an errant ice cube – our ice maker throws cubes and chips at us – became a spot removal job, which was never ending. I just kept moving across the floor on my hands and knees with a wet paper towel until it gave out.

Then I could have either walked away, or gotten out the wet mop and cleaned it the right way. You can guess what I chose to do.

Last week, I dropped an earring in the space beside the passenger seat in my car. My hand doesn’t fit down there so I got a flashlight, stuck my head down there and saw two years of things I dropped and never found.

It was worse than under the couch cushions – two quarters, my earring, three coupons dated 2011, a Goldfish cracker left from when the granddaughters lived here, the cap from something, a sticky nickel and a pencil. That is not including the unidentified objects. We have cleaned the car several times since 2011, but apparently we didn’t use a flashlight.

The last time I cleaned the house, my other half asked me if I wanted him to turn on the light. Not really. Then I can clearly see the marks on the walls and the spots on the upholstery of the couch. That means I have to do something about them right then. Which brings me to the reason I don’t want to see those things – I would never get the rest of the cleaning done.

I am a perfectionist – usually not a good thing. Sometimes cleaning has to mean a once-over and not deep cleaning. At least, that is one of my better excuses.

After several days of knee-busting work, my other half has put down the new rug and put the room back together. It looks great, except the couch we thought would go perfectly with the rug really doesn’t. So …

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