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Learn from the real Point of Rocks

After reading the opinions of Mr. J. Trent Corbett [Sept. 12], it struck me that this person probably has so sense of history and knows nothing about Point of Rocks.

From his own words, [it’s clear] he does care about everything the county does when it comes to spending money.

However, I find fault with him in the small bit he wrote about Point of Rocks. I wholeheartedly support the county’s action on this historic piece of land. I think if Mr. Corbett has his way, the county would have no history.

I don’t know where he came from, or if he was born here or somewhere else and moved here, as I did, but I think his words are misguided.

I do not want future generations to read about Point of Rocks from a printed poster. I want them to see the place, tour the building(s), see the graffiti carved on the rock jutting out into the river, see a hospital as it was designed in 1864, see where the telegraph was hooked up for Lincoln’s use, walk on hallowed ground where brave soldiers died and Clara Barton administered her care and more.

Everyone knows that most text books do not tell history as they should, and students [do not] learn the true facts until they see outside sources. They learn and remember when they get an opportunity to see the real thing, or a replica of what had been the real thing.

Members of the Chesterfield Historical Society of Virginia will ensure that these future generations learn and remember what Point of Rocks is all about and what events took place on this little corner of Chesterfield County.

All too often, the uninformed strike out with harsh words, or shoot from the hip and only seek to raise the ire of another. I feel sorry for these types, and I am particularly alarmed that our history will be forgotten after all the trees are cut down, historic buildings razed and temporary structures thrown up or a ball field established – all in the name of progress.

History has a purpose, and this county is blessed with a lot to tell, to teach and certainly to admire – from the steps of the Museum (a 1749 Courthouse replica) [to] the Historic Old Jail [to] Magnolia Grange [to] Castlewood and [to] the many well-kept historic homes that dot the county. There is much history to see, to admire and certainly much of which we can be proud.

I invite Mr. Corbett to learn his county history. It is all around him, and even our Board of Supervisors is making history through spending and actions. They [supervisors] all represent us, and as good elected stewards, they do their best, I would like to believe.

We can all find fault in something. I did so with a small bit of anger vented in a letter to the editor.

George Cranford
North Chesterfield

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