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Proper flag etiquette is not being followed

Thank you, Mr. Whisler (May 9 letters to the editor), for your comments concerning the flying of the American flag. I was raised in a [U.S.] Army family and learned at an early age that the flag was to be treated with all respect. I was always impressed when 5 p.m. came and all activity on post was halted. People in cars got out of them and stood at attention, facing the direction of the flag’s location. Anyone on foot or a bicycle or roller skates did the same. Everyone came to a standstill. It made a huge impression on me.

I often see the flag still flying on public buildings after sundown, and it distresses me. Over the weekend, I even saw a flag – I think at a school, but I’ve forgotten exactly, as we were traveling – not just flying in the evening, but flying from just the lower corner. It was hanging down from the bottom grommet. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I fly the flag from our front porch in good weather. If I believe it will rain or storm, I do not put it out. I try to take it in before dark, but I do confess that sometimes I forget. My point here is that the flag has become an ornament that people hang from porches or poles at their homes with never a thought that it should not be left out in the dark or in bad weather. I know people mean well and that they probably don’t even know the correct way to treat our flag. I doubt that it’s taught in school anymore.

So, again, thank you for bringing this incorrect behavior to public attention. I can only hope that someone will pay attention. Sadly, we drove past J. B. Watkins Elementary [on] May 13, and our American flag was still high on the flagpole. It’s disgraceful.

Penelope Woodford
North Chesterfield

Church advertising

I think the advertisement [May 2 issue] of Mt. Gilead Church having a debt cancellation was in bad taste. I know some ministries who have cancelled debt or had projects that were debt-free to begin with. But they never advertised in a public newspaper. They just said it casually during a television program or a regular pastoral sermon.

Why did the leadership of Mt. Gilead figure the public needs to know the church’s financial business? Way too much information. Just pure ego-tripping, plain and simple.

The Southside Church of the Nazarene is expanding, and there were a lot of other factors involved. That’s news [which the Chesterfield Observer reported].

Furthermore, why put the congregants under pressure in the middle of a recession to pay the debt off? The scriptures tell us to give “freely and cheerfully,” not under duress.

Tracye James

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