2012-05-30 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Never do today …
Susan Nienow

Friday I worked in the yard, mostly weeding. I was supposed to be planting. But I have to get the weeds out before I plant, right? So I still have plants sitting on the edge of the driveway waiting for me. They’re in the black or green plastic nursery pots, not ceramic or terra cotta, and they’re screaming, “Put me in the ground! Now!” Some people talk to their plants. Mine talk to me, and sometimes they aren’t very polite.

They also tell anyone who drives in the driveway that I haven’t finished my planting yet. They are lined up with the sun lovers in the sun and the shady characters near the trees. It’s not like the plants just sit there and wait for me. They need to be watered, and some of them are getting seriously pot bound. That could be compared to kids getting too big for their britches.

But, I have deadheaded the roses and the little pink flowers that don’t have a name. I also pulled all of the weeds in the vegetable garden. My other half says I don’t get credit for that, since we only have four tomato plants, four pepper plants, a cucumber and a zucchini. Oh, and flat and curly parsley. A weed’s a weed though, so I am claiming credit.

I spent at least an hour and a half picking the gumballs out of the groundcover under the sweetgum tree. I think my other half lets me do it because he can’t do it with the tractor, and there might be snakes hiding in there. I haven’t seen any, just a toad.

Since I spent Friday outside working, I took Saturday off and took in a few bead shops and ran some errands. When I got up that morning, I had the best intentions. I was going to finish going through my summer clothes and finally do the ironing I have been saving since last fall when I got out my cold-weather clothes.

I learned that wrinkles do not hang out of clothes no matter how many months the clothes have been hanging up. I didn’t think I hated ironing, but since I have successfully procrastinated about doing it for seven and a half months, I must have strong feelings. It’s those summer cottons that are the problem. So far, I have gotten away with wearing jeans and knits, but soon I will have to wear something a little dressier than jeans, and that means ironing.

My other half and I watched a movie Saturday night, and I didn’t want to ruin the movie by ironing. Sunday I was busy recovering from – um – shopping on Saturday, so I took the day off. Sunday evening is always catch-up time. I wrote some get well cards and a thank you note and got my clothes ready for work on Monday. I am getting really tired of wearing my black jeans, a tank top and a lightweight sweater.

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