2011-01-26 / Opinions

A New Year’s resolution?

Julius Caesar in Rome, J. Crew styling at home. Jacques Cousteau under the sea, Julia Childs making tea. John Carpenter movies galore, J. Corcoran learning more. J. Cornelius on the net, Johnny Cash plays the fret. J. Cassis I quote, John Carper keeps it afloat. J. Cellars tastes smooth, J. Cole has the groove. J. Chasez songs to keep, Jay Cutler throws it deep.

Let’s try to figure out whom the school board was talking about in 2008 and 2009. Do you see a pattern here? Or could our school board’s incantations be alluding to someone other than one of those listed above? Don’t tell me someone is using initials to obfuscate their religious preference to obviously skirt the very well-written county policy guidelines precluding the use of sectarian deities in its invocations. Write or call the school board and ask if they made any New Year’s resolutions concerning this oversight?

Just a small note, the above is best read quickly to the tune of the “It’s the End of the World” by R.E.M., but don’t take that as an evocation.

Don Fruhwald

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