2010-08-25 / Loose Ends

The long, long list

Susan Nienow

I have 343 e-mails in my inbox, and that is about the same number of things on my “to do” list. Something happened to this summer. Last week, the ads in the paper were for school supplies. Not that I am in the market for any, but it is a signal that the end of summer is near. This is the first summer ever that I have been three months behind in all areas of my life without even trying.

Maybe it’s the heat. I have been hiding inside, ignoring the weeds in every flowerbed and circling every shrub. Today, I pulled a weed from the inside of the carpet rose and was attacked by the thorns on the rose bush. I won the argument and lost the war. The weed is gone, but I am full of battle wounds. And even though the weed was over 3 feet tall, it has plenty of relatives out there.

I am a compulsive weeder though and have been going through withdrawal these past few months. I have been picking at them here and there, but that isn’t very satisfying. Finally my other half took a weed trimmer to the ones around the climbing roses. The yard is a weeder’s paradise just waiting for a cool day. I think he wonders why I don’t have the same compulsion about cleaning the house.

The windows need to be washed – inside and out. But it has been too hot, and there’s no point in washing just the inside. They need to be done at the same time so I can spot the streaks. There’s another problem with windows. No one around here wants to wash windows.

Back to my e-mails. I have never gotten the hang of those best practices like “only touch a piece of paper once” and “do it now,” so I look at my e-mails, but don’t delete any because I might want to go over them again. And they add up. I do try to get rid of the commercial ones wanting my money – the sale or the two-for-one offers all have expiration dates so there is no point in keeping them. I’m just not very good at keeping up with the volume.

Now I am getting e-mails that start with, “I didn’t hear from you so I don’t know if you got my e-mail or not.” Probably I did. If you give me the date you sent it I can unearth it. I’m sure it’s still there.

My other half has mentioned my vase collection in the back hall. I have two sections of cabinet for storage, and the rest end up on the counter. He has a problem with countertop storage. I have a problem getting rid of any of them. I love to have flowers in the house, and each vase is a different shape – for different sizes and shapes of flowers. I have explained this to him before, but I guess he’s forgotten.

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