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Scott Athletic Association responds to lawsuit story

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the participants and volunteers of the Scott Athletic Association, we would like to explain the decision to form an association in the Scott Elementary district was not made lightly. The Enon area has experienced a population growth in recent years, and with that, a new elementary and middle school was needed in the area. School boundary changes, as well as athletic boundary changes, have occurred as a result.

The volunteers within the Enon area have worked hard for years to provide an athletic program that everyone can be proud of.

With the boundary change, a majority of students in the Enon district were now within the Scott Elementary district. At the end of the 2007 season, volunteers from Enon were approached by the Chesterfield Quarterback League (CQL) and coaches from other associations expressing concern about the future of the Enon program. After the season was finalized, the board began discussions with the future of the youth in Enon as a priority. Many students would not be able to participate with their previous teams or coaches if the program remained under the Enon Elementary district, and a separate program at Scott was formed by someone else. The board received positive feedback from the CQL when presenting the idea to move districts, but stay within the Enon community, and still be able to serve it as a whole. The final decision was ratified in a public meeting held Jan. 12. The decision was bittersweet…everyone involved was excited about offering a new program to the community. Initiating the Scott program seemed to everyone to be the only way to ensure the kids stay together, and remain viable and competitive. Ideally, we would have liked to just stay the way we were, but it was simply impossible with the number of students being redistricted to Scott. Per CQL regulations, there are eight open player slots available per playing level (excluding the flag football level), and by changing boundaries to Scott, the majority would still be together, with room for kids remaining in Enon district to avail themselves of one of the 24 open player slots. This allowed the program to remain close to what it originally was, and all present at our meetings were in agreement.

Some time in January, a new group made the decision to continue a football and cheerleading program within the Enon school boundaries. While the Scott program feels that this decision may not be in the best interest of the children of the Enon community, we certainly respect their decision.

Much to our dismay, a small group of people then began a series of personal attacks against Scott board members. It became necessary to retain legal counsel to defend ourselves against untrue allegations and rumors within the community. To date, Scott Athletic Association and its board members have chosen to remain silent and proceed with our growing program. The allegations made are baseless and untrue, and we choose not to dignify the remarks by speaking out. The Scott Athletic Association considers this transition to be settled and will not perpetuate animosity within the community. It is a disservice to our players and volunteers from all organizations.

The Scott program has thus far been an overwhelming success, and we remain committed to the entire community. Our children deserve the best, and we will continue to move forward with our endeavors to ensure they have the best resources available to them.

Christy M. Dunford

Secretary, Scott Athletic Association

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