2007-11-14 / Opinions

Renny Humphrey served her district well

Dear Editor,

As I [was] inundated with political literature for the past several weeks, and we all prepared to go to the polls, it made me pause and think about our current supervisor, Renny Humphrey. Ms. Humphrey has served the residents of Matoaca since 1996. You may not always agree with her political views; however, the one thing that we will lose as Ms. Humphrey retires is [her] depth of knowledge of this district.

Ms. Humphrey was born and raised right here in Matoaca and [is] a graduate of Clover Hill High School. She always conveys a true concern for the residents of Matoaca and its history. Her recent stand for Crump's Store at the board of supervisors meeting is evident of that dedication to Matoaca's history. A self proclaimed "country girl," Ms Humphrey has always been a true lady and a class act for the citizens of Matoaca.

No matter who was victorious last week, none have the years of history with this district as Ms. Humphrey does. On behalf of my family, I want to thank her for her service and wish her well in her retirement.

Vicki Stitzer


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