2007-10-24 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

My gratitude journal
Susan Nienow

I have jumped on board the latest trend in self-analysis and attitude adjustment. I've discovered things to be grateful for and, like alien shape-shifters, they change in order of importance by the minute. So I am sharing, hoping that you will adjust your attitude accordingly.

I am glad that my only pencil with a usable eraser went through the pencil sharpener one more time, leaving enough to hold on to. In my supply closet, I have two full packs of new, wooden pencils and part of a third. I bought them when the kids were in high school and have been using them for Sunday crosswords since then. But the erasers haven't aged well. Should I buy those pastel ones that fit on the end of a pencil or get new pencils?

Colored paper - I love it. I ran out of white printer paper and have to use fluorescent colors until I get to the printer paper store. My copy of this column for my files is hot orange - an inspiration to greatness. Well, maybe not exactly. But it's fun.

Because I am on a master list for nonprofit organizations to send me address labels and ask for donations, I can choose from polar bears, bluebirds, hummingbirds, shore birds, acorns, university logos (mine, his and theirs), cartoon pictures and flowers galore. I am grateful that we haven't moved. I may never have to buy another address label.

If I had a green thumb, there wouldn't be enough room in the yard or the house for all of the plants I buy or start from cuttings or get from fellow gardeners.

If all my clothes fit, there wouldn't be enough room in my closet for them. I am glad I saved those five pairs of blue jeans from the 1980s so I could get rid of them this morning and feel productive.

I am grateful for all of those extra buttons that come with new clothes because now I have a button collection. The fact that not one of them ever goes with the others on the shirt with the missing button isn't important. It is relaxing to spread out 500 or so buttons and look for one that will work.

I am glad that when I pulled at the loose string on my new jacket - the one without the packet of extra buttons - the button fell off and rolled into the heat duct. Now I can pick out a new set that I love.

I am in awe of spiders and their webs. What architects they are! I am thankful for those webs because they tell me where the spiders are. And that is why I clean. Dust bunnies don't startle me, and they don't bite.

Thank goodness those celosia plants reseed, or I might have room for weeds in my garden. They are tall so I don't have to bend over to pull them out when they grow in inappropriate places. Or all over the place.

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