2007-01-10 / News

Barber disperses funds

By Greg Pearson

Barber Barber Former Midlothian Supervisor Ed Barber has donated his campaign funds totaling $31,573 to five local nonprofits.

Barber resigned from his supervisor seat six months ago after he plea bargained two misdemeanors of sexual abuse against his 16-year-old stepdaughter.

"Ed remains in the consulting business, but wants to be a private person," said David Robinson, Barber's personal CPA.

Barber's mediation partnership with Pete Cleal split last year, but they remain friends.

"Ed's living apart from his wife because the court-ordered counselor requires it [during his sex offender counseling period]," explained Robinson. "Ed and Terry are still committed to their marriage, and she is standing by him with all the love in her heart."

Barber donated the largest amount ($12,000) to the fundraising arm of the Village of Midlothian Volunteer Coalition, specifically to update the Midlothian Village Plan that was last written in 1989. While still a supervisor, Barber pledged $50,000 from his community development funds to rewrite the plan when the coalition matches that amount. Amy Satterfield, the coalition's executive director, said the group was working toward its share but declined to say how much had been raised.

Robinson said he recommended that Barber make a sizeable contribution to the only non-family member who visited Barber while he was in jail. The $10,000 gift to the New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, led by Bishop Gerald Glenn, is restricted to prison ministry.

The remaining funds went to the Family Advocacy Creating Education and Services ($5,000), the YMCA-Chip Ellis Memorial Fund ($2,286) and the memorial fund for Bryan and Kathryn Harvey ($2,286).

"I told Ed, as tragic as it was, the Harvey family murder bumped you off the front page [last January]," explained Robinson, "and so you are connected in a small way."

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