2007-01-10 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

The view from the gym
Susan Nienow

When I go to the gym, my goals are to get through without hurting myself and to preserve my hairstyle so I can run errands afterward. My other half's only goal is to beat the numbers he met the last time. Of course, he doesn't worry about his hair.

While I was pedaling the recumbent bike, I went over my list of things to-do. I shopped, entertained, shopped and generally took time off through the holidays so my "to-do" list kept getting longer. My first stop was the post office to mail the last of the Christmas cards.

Oh - I know. It's January. These are cards for people I thought had dropped us off their list, but I got their cards right before Christmas. Now I wonder if the others I received late were sent just because I sent them one or if they really wanted to keep in touch.

My other half has no patience with this kind of dilemma. His solution is to skip sending cards - not an option.

I've done either five miles or five minutes warming up on the cycle - probably five minutes - so I head for the machines for beginners and decide that after going to the post office, I'll head for the makeup counter at the department store. One magazine article I read said just a few changes could result in subtracting 10 years from my face. I'll settle for five for under $50.

Another article listed seven steps to starting a diet beginning with timing it right. And I remember the list of 100 tips for dieting. That included such gems as "Don't super-size." As I finished pushing a padded bar over my head another 15 times, I remembered why I hated this one. I took a breather and then did the next set - in mini-sets of three.

The gym is crowded with New Year's resolutions, but none of them are mine. It's a prescription for failure, and when I've made resolutions in the past, I haven't even been able to convince myself that I'd never eat another doughnut or buy another tree ornament.

January means withdrawal for me. No more singing "rum pa pum pum" while I'm doing dishes. No more cream cheese until next November. If cows went on strike, the holidays couldn't happen - no Brie, no cheese balls. No eggnog - though I wouldn't really miss that. No butter cookies. No more license to wear tacky glittery stuff.

Every time our resident rabbit runs across the driveway in front of the car I am reminded that one allowable food group this month is rabbit food - carrots, green leaves and celery. No dip. And my protein source is chicken - not rabbit, in case you were wondering.

The drill sergeant in charge of teaching beginners checked on me as I finished my last set. I made another appointment, and she threatened to call me if I skipped. Can she do that?

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