2007-01-10 / Crime Watch


Female robber threatens to shoot security system


Chesterfield police have arrested a 25-yearold woman who lives near Meadowbrook High School on charges of abduction/kidnapping, robbery and use of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Hiba Amattullah of the 4600 block of Cold Stream Drive allegedly held up a Chevron station on Iron Bridge Road in late December

Upon entering the station around 6:30 a.m., Amattullah asked the clerk for a job application. After filling it out, she asked for a second application, saying she had made an error. When the clerk returned with the new application, Amattullah was allegedly holding a black, semi-automatic handgun. Police say the suspect took money from the register and ordered the clerk to open the safe. When the clerk said she couldn't, the suspect then said she was going to shoot the security system. The clerk indicated that wasn't necessary since it didn't record, so the suspect calmly walked out the door. However, the security system was operational, clearly showing the suspect.

In other police reports:

Commonwealth Centre Parkway. The victim was shopping in a store in the 4600 block late last month when the suspect approached her and asked for the time. When she told him the time, she noticed that he was exposing himself to her.

Early Settlers Road. The victim arrived home at 1 p.m. to find the suspects leaving the rear area of his residence in the 1700 block. After finding his home burglarized, the victim followed the suspects to a nearby shopping center and then called police. Police arrested two juvenile boys on charges of breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony and destruction of property. They had used a hatchet to break out the glass of the rear door of the home to gain entrance.

Hopkins Road. The separated couple met last month in a parking lot in the 7000 block to exchange personal items from their marriage. When she informed her estranged husband that she was not giving him her ring, he grabbed the necklace she was wearing and left.

Iron Bridge Road. The victim and suspect were riding around on Jan. 1 when they stopped for gas in the 11000 block. The suspect became angry at the female victim and threatened her, saying he was going to kill her and take her money. She gave him her money, but he sprayed her with pepper spray. The victim ran into the convenience store, and the suspect fled.

Jefferson Davis Highway. The suspect(s) broke out a window in a Chevrolet Blazer and stole chainsaws from the vehicle in the 5000 block late last month. The battery and distributor cap were also taken.

Midlothian Turnpike. The suspect walked up to the first employee outside a store in the 11600 block last month and asked for the time. When the employee noticed that the suspect was exposing himself, she called it "gross." The suspect then approached a second employee, but ran off when she screamed.

Poplar Grove. Last month, the victim spent a night at a residence in the 4000 block, leaving his keys in his unlocked 2006 Toyota pickup. The following morning his truck was missing and later found wrecked on Otterdale Road near Genito Road.

Post Land Drive. Late last month in the 4700 block, the suspect(s) entered the back porch through an unlocked door and then broke a window pane to gain entry into the house. The daughter's bedroom was ransacked, and the master bedroom door was kicked open. The thieves stole jewelry and food from those rooms.

Stanley Drive. The suspect(s) sprayed racial slurs and other graffiti on the back of a vacant residence and on and inside a rear shed in the 4800 block late last month.

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