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Resident angry with Salisbury homeowners' association, Verizon


[Last month], Verizon had a contractor working in our neighborhood, using non-English speaking migrants, to dig the holes for the new fiber optic cable in Salisbury. I do not object not object to this plan, but I do object that the contractor gave homeowners no advance notification prior to their start date - not even the courtesy of hang tags on front door knobs a week or two before starting to dig in our yards. Do these companies think they have a right to just go onto the homeowners' property and do whatever they wish without a thought to the damage they may do or to what underground dangers they may be subjecting their crews? Many of the homeowners have not only watering systems and lighting for their yards and driveways, but invisible fences for pet safety, buried under ground.

We arrived home moments prior to an accidental jolt of electricity [110 volts] a young man suffered in our front yard. [That] voltage will usually not kill you, [but] can give you a burn you may not quickly forget. All of this could have been avoided with advance notice-hang tags so that homeowners would be able to notify the contractor of electric or other dangers in their individual yards. The homeowner will know approximately where these lines are and will be able to warn/instruct anyone doing this type work not to dig in certain areas of their yards. The young man is okay. And now, only the lights on one side of the yard are working, and it is going to require the contractor coming back out to my home, locating the damaged line, digging it up and repairing or replacing it.

We were very upset with the contractor hired by Verizon, but have since [discovered] the homeowners' association took it on themselves and stopped the contractor [from placing] hang tags on our front doors. When an association meddles in the affairs of so many, they need to be held accountable for their actions. These contractors

know their jobs, and hang tags must be utilized, not just to inform, but for safety reasons.

I feel I have an obligation to everyone who lives in this subdivision to let them know what is happening at the hands of the meddling few who would risk the safety of others. Decide what will take place in your yard, but do not put me, or anyone working in my yard, in any sort of danger just because you think you know what's best for everyone!

Regina Corcoran


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