2006-08-09 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Translation necessary
Susan Nienow

I knew what kind of day it was going to be when I took my purse off the bed table and noticed that the note I had written to myself the night before said, "Check list."

Over breakfast I told my other half about the overwhelming list of things I had to do. He took my list and said, "What does set date - l w/S mean?" - l w/S mean?"

"Set a date for lunch with Sarah. We always talk about getting together for lunch and never do."

"And this - call bk/ch adr?"

"Oh. That's a reminder to call the bank and change our daughter's address."

"Wasn't she supposed to ..."

I just looked at him - of course she was supposed to. But she didn't. Or, she did and the computer didn't listen. So now it's on my list.

"And order deer? I didn't know we were short on deer. Then, who ate your daylilies?"

"That means get on the Internet and order the 'Keep away from my plants' deer stuff." "How about msr frm?"

"I have no idea. I wrote that last week."

I was born into a generation of, "Take typing and shorthand. You'll use them no matter what you do." But, of course, I didn't take them. I struggled through school using the standard abbreviations like N for north and + for plus. Then I grew up and got busier, and my notes got more cryptic.

"What good does a list do if you can't read it?" my other half asked with...was that just a hint of a "My lists are better than your lists" tone?

I thought we had an agreement on this you don't touch my lists, and I don't touch yours. My other half's lists are so...exact.

I just looked at him. Looks speak louder than words. Besides, I didn't think my list would stand up to close scrutiny.


"That's Monday morning dental appointment - 9:00," I said as I grabbed my purse and ran out the door. I should know better than to break my own rule: Never make an appointment for Monday morning. I think it was 1997 when I missed three Monday morning appointments for three weeks in a row.

My only recourse was to fall on my new gel pen and beg for forgiveness. What was embarrassing was that the third one was rescheduled because I missed the first one. So I quit cold turkey. No more Monday appointments.

On the driver's seat of the car was a note that read GG meaning "get gas." What else could it be when I am already running late?

After getting enough gas to get me to the dental office, I pulled into the parking space and glanced at my watch. 9:02. Whew. I just made it. Well, according to me. My other half thinks "on time" means five minutes early.

As I pushed the office door open, I had a funny feeling. Didn't I just have a checkup last month?

MM/9/dnt? Mini marshmallows/9bags/and a doughnut?

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