2006-04-19 / Loose Ends

Loose Ends

Spring cleaning once again It takes time to do it right, right?
Susan Nienow

Last year I started my spring cleaning with the baseboards. Every winter I make a list of everything I want to do when I get a burst of that, "It's spring!" energy that comes with longer days and warmer temperatures.

A sampling of things on the list this year include windows (the outside), webs (under the eaves), bugs in the light fixtures and the upstairs which hasn't been cleaned since last spring - or was it the spring before?

I started on the light fixtures. One of the lights in my closet has a moth or two in it, and it really bugs me every time I turn on the light. This is not a chore that would ever hit my other half's radar so I tackle it myself. I use a step stool, get the cover off the fixture, clean it and try to put it back.

Here's where we each show our talents. He can put things back together again, but I usually have parts left over-or not enough. Or I break one. So I put the clean light fixture covers on the bed so, when he gets home, he can reassemble them.

The first thing I heard after he got home was, "So the cat has a new bed." Right.

The cat found the cover for the light just the right size to curl up in. Just as I reached for him, he bounded off the bed, kicking the light cover on the fl oor with his back paws, shattering it. So I scratched 'clean light covers' off the list and replaced it with "buy a new light cover."

Two days later I decided to do the windows. It was sunny and the temperature was good. I gathered all of my supplies, got the ladder and set out for the first window when I remembered: it is only April. Too early to do windows - we haven't had pollen season yet. So I put the supplies away and moved on to the next chore.

The spider webs under the eaves are not my job. I don't put up with spiders dropping on my head. My other half has learned how to get the webs without being attacked by homeless, deranged arachnids.

On to the upstairs. I could write my name in the dust on the upstairs railing. It's a huge job. Maybe tomorrow. I'm sure that much dust would be bad for my allergies.

Instead, I decided to tackle a job with a clear ending, such as cleaning my bookshelves in my office. I took the books off the first shelf, dusted and then sat down with "Color Choices Made Easy." What a great inspiration to change the color in my office from white to almost anything else.

The carpet has every color except orange and purple so I don't know how I could go wrong. Latte and the crme caramel-I couldn't decide. My other half came home and said, "How did the cleaning go?"

"All done, dear."

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